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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My July/August Bloom.com reviews!

So, I've been slacking on the blogging. Before you start thinking that I've started popping bon-bons and watching soaps (are those still on the air?), let me tell you... I've been wrangling a hellish 3 year old, nursing an infant through teething, house hunting, AND searching for a job. How's that for multi-tasking? Through it all I've been on my no processed food kick (cutting myself a slight bit of slack...), and cooking up a storm. What some of you may not know, is that some of these reviews are due TODAY. I am *such* a procrastinator. Truth is, I have been using all of the products here and there, but never taking the time to write up a blog, a review, or take pictures. I know. So lame. So, here it goes. First off, Sundari Neem and Coconut hair treatment oil.

I have to say, I adore this stuff. Like some of my fellow beauty ambassadors, I didn't give this a fair shot the first time around. I received one sample packet with a previous purchase, threw it in my hair for half an hour, washed it out, and was underwhelmed. I did like that it washed out easily (I always pray treatment oils do!), but other than that, I didn't see what the big whoop was.

So, for the last few weeks, I have used it every other night on my ends only. Leaving it in overnight (it didn't damage my pillowcases), made a HUGE difference for me. I was so happy with how shiny my hair was! I have super fine hair, but a ton of it, and since my husband convinced me to grow it out, I struggle with not putting it in a ponytail everyday. Here is a picture I snapped after a few uses. I wish you could REALLY see the shine. I assure you, it's there :)
So, you can see, I actually wore my hair down, which NEVER happens. I was also wearing my new Stila palette, in Fire and Rain. I like to call this my "Adele" eye, lol. If you don't get it, that's okay... I'm not really all that funny.

Again, I am using my Pacifica lip tint in Blood Orange. I don't think I have stopped using this at all since I get it last month. Love.

Also used in this picture, T'eez 'build me' Volume spray. I cannot tell you how many comments I got on my Facebook about how long and thick my hair looked! I loved that it takes seconds to add in to my routine, and makes such an impact. This will definitely stay in the rotation!

On to the not-so-great. So not great, in fact, that I didn't want to post pictures. T'eez "Bounce Me" Styling Cream. It seems I am the unpopular opinion here, so let me start by saying that I have very difficult hair. It is easily weighed down, and won't hold a curl. I tried what some of the others were doing, and 'scrunching' my hair, to see how it would work. It didn't. I was ever so careful, and dried it with a t-shirt and everything. It was so limp and greasy looking, I couldn't stand it. I thought that maybe if I gave myself a blowout it would help the situation? So, I sectioned off my hair and started blow drying. When I was done it was oily and still limp :( I only used a dime sized amount, so I don't think it was an issue of being too much, either.

So, since I am not going to use the rest of it, here is what I want... the first person (has to be a subscriber, and follow me on Bloom.com!) to comment, I will send you the rest of the tube. Its a squeeze tube, so totally sanitary! I want to see what you have to say about it.

Also, what do you think about contests like this? What would you like to win? A bunch of sample size product, one full size?


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  1. Your hair was probably just too fine for this product. I've seen that a lot with baby fine hair. You're best to stick with a serum after you blow out, and then only apply it to your ends and start by applying to the back of your hair underneath and only half of the recommended amount. (Do not want the bounce stuff) That's my best used to be a professional advice to all the fine haired ladies out there:)