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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

healthy without sacrifice... it can happen!

Hey guys... so, I know I told you about the new approach to eating we have taken in this house over a week ago. I have to tell you, I was scared! Scared to blog about it because I failed so hard on my 30 day shred, and I didn't want to put it out there and jinx myself, which is why I haven't updated about it at all.

One word... winning!

There have been no sacrifices made here at casa de Willis. I actually feel like we have had BETTER meals. I've also discovered that I really like to cook. I also hate my kitchen, but thats another post for another day.

Here is a sample of our menu this week, taken from my grocery list on Friday:

-Grilled Pork Tenderloin with whole grain corn bread and sauteed summer squash. Side organic mixed greens with tomatoes and vinaigrette

-Whole wheat past with grilled chicken and roasted red and yellow peppers

-Slow Cooker Flank Steak Fajitas with lime quinoa salad

-Vegetable soup with ground venison and whole grain corn bread

Simple Spaghetti

-Shredded Pork Tacos with slow cooker refried beans

Sounds pretty awesome, right? It has been. And this coming from someone who thought she hated to cook! Turns out I do okay, as long as I get all my prep work done in advance. I have also been making double of a lot of stuff, stocking up our freezer.

As you can see, I rely heavily on the genius that is 100 days of real food! They are awesome, and even have ready made meal plans, that are healthy, real and AFFORDABLE! No more excuses, right?

My crowning glory is that I bought myself an organic 85% cocoa bar that I haven't touched! I got it in case I had a huge craving, but I'm happy to say that I haven't yet. I won't say I haven't thought about it, but I decided that I can't eat it just because I'm bored... I have to REALLY want it.

On top of all these yummy dinners, I've made some snacks along the way. Our favorite right now (due to the increasingly hellish heat) are our popsicles. I have strawberry-lime in the freezer now!


Monday, June 25, 2012

another beauty review for Bloom.com!

The lovely Bloom.com sent me the most gorgeous palette of Stila eyeshadows... They actually sent me 2, but 'In the Garden' was my favorite, due to its versatility in texture (matte, sheer, shimmer, oh my!), so that's the one I'm going to show ya'll now :)

On a side note, my computer always turns ya'll into 'yawl'... like, a super phonetic version of the non-word. I love it.

Anywho, I love Stila. I love makeup in general, really. The sad truth is that I rarely wear it anymore. Dolled up to go to Tractor Supply? Not likely. Since I've had Mason I have not even TOUCHED my train case chalk full of colorful wonderfulness. As a matter of fact, when I decided to pull it out this evening to find a backup of my brow powder (my primary one fell into Crue's training potty. His *full* training potty... bleh), I discovered so many things I forgot I had. It was an hour of *OMG, I forgot about this Bobbi Brown palette*, and *ack, I LOVE this lipstick!*... great fun was had by all. And by all, I mean me and my amused husband.

I've tried lots and lots (and lots) of eyeshadow in my day. I was around when MAC was MAC, and not an Estee Lauder brand. Ive seen brands come and go (Calvin Klein cosmetics, anyone?), I've viewed countless 'eyes of the day', or 'faces of the day' in my beloved Myspace makeup groups, and I have to say... Stila is sadly under rated. This is a brand that I feel isn't quite trendy enough for the MAC lovers, or mature enough for the Bobbi Brown wearers, but lies somewhere in the middle. The price point is a little higher than say, Clinique, but I find their quality to be worth the splurge.

'In the Garden' is just lovely. It has all a girl could ask for in an eyeshadow palette.

From left to right:
Top Row

Chinois- matte bone color
Breeze- shimmery champagne
Bark- shimmery sage
Freesia- Shimmery violet blue
Rosette- Shimmery violet (looks much less pink in person)

Bottom Row

Nectar- matte beige
Honey- Shimmery golden beige
Sage- sheer sage green shimmer
Moss- Olive shimmer with gold flecks
Juniper- Deep teal green shimmer

I have tried a few looks with these, just playing around at home (and rediscovered my love for green eyeshadow <3) but none I loved as much as this


Okay, okay... I know its hard to see the EXACT colors I used when I put the 'instagram-ish' filter on... but seriously, the original made me mad at my skin, and the lighting in my bathroom for lying to me. So, rather than redo it all, I hipstered myself. You're welcome.

So, for this look, I used Juniper from lashline to crease... I really packed it on there with a short bristled, flat brush. I also used a primer (always). Then I blended with a fluffy brush using Nectar. I decided to add a little Honey to the inner corners to jazz it up a bit. I finished off with Chinois on the brow bone. I lined with the smudgestick in 'Starfish' that comes with the palette (Bloom.com didn't send me one, but I bought my own!)

I adore this look... it's right up my alley. I finished it off with my Blood Orange lip tint from Pacifica, and voila!

If you like this look, you can get In the Garden at bloom.com, and you always get 10% cash back (sometimes more!)

While we're talking makeup, let's talk about taking it OFF. Please don't sleep with your makeup on. This is a public service announcement brought to you by your pillowcase, your pores, and your mom.

I used Kaia Bamboo cleansing clothes, and it took ONE to remove all this... including newly applied mascara! They smell heavenly (like sweet fruit, kind of... but not overly so), and really get the job done. They are a little spendy, but if you travel at all, you know a good makeup removing cloth is worth it's weight in gold. These rule. They also didn't make my eyes red or burn. I always wondered why anyone would make a product made for rubbing around your eyes that makes them feel like you poured sriracha all over your face. These don't.

Thanks for reading, it's midnight. G'night :)


Monday, June 18, 2012

eating clean... the alternative to physical exercise.

So, I couldn't keep up with the working out. I think it's too soon for me. I had planned on beginning a workout regime once Mason was about 6 months old... which is next month. I think I'll try again then. I just couldn't work with juggling my schedule around a shower that may or may not happen.

So, I decided to change my diet rather drastically. I'm going to eat clean. THis means no (or very little) processed foods. I'm also doing away with ALL sugar (fake and real) for 21 days. It's so bad for you, and I drink Diet soda like nothing, and that needs to stop. I don't let Crue have fake sugar, so why would I put it into my body?

Today was day one, and My sweet husband cheated and went to his memos for lunch. Traitor.

I feel okay, if not a bit sleepy from lack of caffeine. I realize this is a huge addiction I will have to overcome, but it's for the best.

Follow me if you will, through this never ending journey of better-ness making :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

so you can see that I really do wear makeup... every few years

I was going through some old pictures. Pictures I used to take back when I *loved* doing my makeup.


Now, a shower with shaving is a luxury.

So, to cheer me up, here are some of the pictures I came across :)


Bloom June Box... Pacifica Body Butter and more!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pacifica Blood Orange body butter

My first review! Bloom.com sent me a wonderful package of goodies, including a set of Pacifica lotions and perfumes. I decided to try a few *right* when I opened the box, because the smell was ah-ma-zing. The thing I used first? The Tuscan Blood Orange body butter. Here is a quick description from the website:

Tangy citrus for spicy ladies – that’s the essence of Pacifica Body Butter in Tuscan Blood Orange. With fragrance notes of orange, tangerine, raspberry, strawberry, and petigrain, this complex and sophisticated fragrance is great for layering with other fragrances – it adds life and energy whether you wear it alone or paired with another favorite scent. This nourishing and moisturizing body butter is free of parabens and glutens, and is 100% vegan

Sounds awesome, right? It is. OMG, it is. Even my husband, who really dislikes any perfume (traumatized from shopping with his Memaw as a child, lol), loved this. It is not overpowering in the least, however it lasts. Three hours after applying I got a compliment at the grocery store!

I also love the packaging. It is bright and clean-looking, and something I would proudly display in my guest bath.

Also included in the box was the coordinating Blood Orange Color Quench lip tint. I. LOVE. THIS. 

There is really no other way to say it. They sent another shade, as well, and as great as the formula is (hydrating, long lasting, creamy), the color doesn't make my socks fly off. Yup, that's what happens when I find a lip color I love. Socks everywhere.

The Blood Orange color is a pinky coral, which surprised me, because it looks like a dark red in the tube. It really is the perfect summer shade, and I can't think of any skin coloring that it wouldn't look great on!

My camera took a tumble, so I borrowed a picture from a lovely blogger, to show you the color. 

Isn't it the most gorgeous color you've ever seen? Are your socks on?

(image courtesy of Valentine Kisses)

Okay, so that's my big review. Is anyone interested in these products? Have I introduced you to something you wouldn't otherwise have thought to look at? Let me know!

Here is a discount link to get you started!

Receive 30% back on your first purchase at Bloom.com! Use promo code: 30BACK


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beauty Reviews

Hey all :)

Starting next week, I will be doing a massive amount of beauty reviews. This is due to Bloom.com giving me the opportunity to be a Beauty Ambassador program. I am not being paid for these reviews. I will be receiving free product, in exchange for an honest review.

If you don't know about Bloom.com, you should check them out. They even gave me this nifty button through their affiliate program (which I will be paid for, in form of commission if you buy through this link), which gives you 30% cash back.

The nice thing about Bloom? They give you at least 10% cash back on EVERY purchase, they have amazing customer service, and they let you return any product for a full year! Yup, no more random product sitting in your bathroom that you've tried a few times and hated. No more 30 days to return said product... no more wasting money :)

Give them a try, I think you'll be as impressed with them as I am. Also, I would love your opinions on what brands you would like to see there. What are we missing? Any Indie brands you know and love? Let me know, and I may be able to get them in!

Receive 30% back on your first purchase at Bloom.com! Use promo code: 30BACK

Friday, June 1, 2012

a roadblock

Remember how I said that I wanted to find a health blog I identified with? Well, here is one thing I know most women can feel me on... the roadblock.

You find yourself all gung-ho about a workout routine, and a diet plan... you even buy yoga pants that make your but look more like just two butt-cheeks instead of the four you feel like you have. You start out with the BEST intentions. Then, as easily as it comes... it goes. A bowl of cookies and cream ice cream here, a missed workout there. Next thing you know you're spooning Nutella into your slack jaw watching Maury in your 'yoga' pants. With four butt cheeks.

So, I'm not off the deep end yet (I may or may not have had cookies and cream ice cream... but not calling a stage Nutella emergency). I've worked out only one day in the last four, I'm slowly losing my will to live motivation.

So what do I do? Do I make a thinspiration board on Pinterest? Do I say effitall and set my DVR to catch the 16 and pregnant marathon and find a comfy spot on the couch?


I tell all of you, so you can tell me your successes and push me to succeed, as well.