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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jillian Michaels.

Today it begins. I am officially starting my workout routine. Mason will be 4 months old on May 9th, and I have 30 pounds to lose before October (I will be the matron of honor in my sister-in-laws wedding). I know I can do this, I just need to hold myself accountable, right? Okay, before we begin, I am going to disclose some very privy information. I weigh 170 pounds right now. Yup... I am 5'9", 170 pounds. What alarms me about this is that by this time with Crue, I was down to 155. I can make up excuses, but the truth is that I eat like crap. THis is going to change. I notice that when I work out, I don't want junk food, because it wastes all my hard work. Granted, there will be cheating, but my day-to-day eating habits will change. So, back to the stats. I am 170 pounds, and a size 11. This is not the weight I am supposed to be. I feel tired, heavy, and just all around crappy. Here's to a healthier, lighter, more fit me. ANyone want to join me in the journey? Maybe we can update in the comments section daily? Hold each other accountable? A circle of accountability? Oh, did I mention outside of the title that I am doing the 30 day shred? My goal is to start with that and add into it more workouts in a week or two, since it is only 25 minutes. Has anyone else had luck with this? -C ETA- Workout #1 complete! Man, it was a challenge. Reminded me just how out of shape I am :) I wish I had another TV in the house, because Crue wouldn't stay down for his nap, so I let him come in, thinking he would just try to work out. He started to, then got bored and acted like Jillian. When she would go over to the other girls and comment on their form, he would mock her... it was pretty funny. He did get a time out for not staying out from under me, lol. So, the first day is always the hardest, right? Done.


  1. Amen sister, and cheers to you for being brave enough to put it all out there. I started the 30 day shred the other day and while I haven't lost any pounds yet, I do feel stronger and noticed more definition in my abs and legs. It's been two years since my kiddo was born, and I can't make excuses anymore. Let's do this together!

  2. Big props for putting it all out there!! You look amazing to me, but I know how it is, how you feel about yourself it what's most important.

    I went back to eating healthier. I limit my sodium intake, eat lots of fiberful foods and protien as well. I'm also eating as gluten free as I can and only buying organic non processed food.

    I also went back on my exercise routine last week, which is yoga 3 days a week and walking twice a week, then chasing after my almost 2 year old on the weekends. I'm working my way up to getting back to doing Zumba in the morning before work as well, but I've found if I try to do too much all at the beginning, I quickly stop doing it all together.

    So far I've lost the 5 pounds I gained over tax season and already feel so much better!! It's amazing how what we eat makes a difference in how we feel.

    I gained 60 pounds with my pregnancy and have lost 45. I need to lose another 60 to get to a weight I want to be at, which is still 20 pounds over what I'm "supposed" to be.

    Looks like we'll all be working on the same goals together! I love it! It's nice knowing there's a support team out there during this journey.

  3. you have a bit more of an excuse than i do a 4 month old is a bit more needy than a 17 month old. i did the 30 day shred but never finished it. i got to level 2 and things happened i got lazy. i am now back at the gym but big problem i cant bring the kids when they are sick and it seems like we are always sick and youd think i should be making up for it with a home workout till they are better i cant. no way. dogs kids...sick whiny kids.

    what im getting at is im going to be here listening and taking tips. i eat shit but i too hate to when i work out.

  4. Awesome, ladies! I will be posting as often as I can, and updating on my workouts. Let's inspire and motivate each other :)

  5. You look great but totally understand the feeling of being heavy and uncomfortable. I'm 5'8 and at my heaviest was 178 and in a size 15. I stayed around 165 for the majority of 5 years. With dedication and determination, it can be done! I know with 2 kiddos it will be challenging but remind yourself it wasn't put on in a day and won't come off in a day. Take baby steps and start each day a new. I'm excited to get started after Mr. Channing gets here. Good luck!

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