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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bloom like me

Hey ladies :::waves::: Are you a beauty junkie, like me? DO you have cabinets and caboodles (yup) FULL to the brim of stuff you have used just a handful of times and either didn't work for you, or you found something even better?
Do you buy makeup just because it's pretty ::ahem, BeneFit:: but find it way overpriced and full of fluff?
Do I sound crazy right now? Okay, great.
So, I have an exciting announcement. I was chosen to be a Beauty Ambassador for Bloom.com.

What the means, is that I will have the opportunity to review the newest products monthly, and I will be featuring those reviews here!

Once things pick up speed, I will also be featuring some giveaways, which I am super stoked about!

Like you, I buy stuff ALL the time with *such* high hopes of that miracle (insert product type her), only to be let down, wishing I had a friend who used it before I blew $35 to tell me to buy a weeks worth of Starbucks instead.

So, please join me here, and follow me on my journey of trial and error. I hope to discover some new awesome products, and weed out the not so wonderful for you. THe awesome thing about Bloom, is that they have a 365 day return policy... it really doesn't get any better.

So please keep an eye out, I will be posting my first reviews next week.


  1. It still doesn't work for me. I'm sure it's user error. I'll figure it out eventually...lol. I'm so excited for you!! I must admit, I only use the same stuff all the time and very rarely buy new things. My budget for beauty is non exsistent. I'm hoping that will change down the road.

  2. Bah! There are quite a few things I've been wanting to get and thought this would be a good time to get them and it would help you out but almost everything I search for Bloom doesn't have! Grr!