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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The most naked of them all

Before this next product came into my life, Urban Decays 'Naked' palette was my lover. It was all I needed (almost), every shade I had ever wanted (almost), and could create (almost) any look I could ever hope to achieve... almost. Are you sensing a theme? Yeah, as much as I adored this slightly over rated palette (come on people, a waitlist a year long for EYESHADOW!?), I had to admit, it was missing something. I always wished it had a matte highlighter. If you're like me, you love the buttery smooth look of a matte shadow. Sure, the glitter is fun, and dramatic and well, glittery... but matte shadows are a staple in my makeup bag (er, huge ass box, lol). This palette by Stila is the most perfect palette I have ever seen. I haven't played with it yet, but just swatching it gave me chills. I also think I might have a slight problem in my excitement over pressed pigments. The colors blend easily, the pigment is impressive, and the price is within my budget. What is there not to love? Nothing. It has every matte shade you will ever need. In life. Ever. Eeeever. Do you feel like you're in a Seth McFarland joke now?
Ladies and um... probably just more ladies... I give you "In The Know" Stila Palette! Look for my posts the next few weeks, trying all sorts of fun new looks. And old ones, too. Have I ever expressed my love for Kelly Taylors makeup on 90210? When I tried to google to show you some pictures of what I mean, I came up with a TON of Taylor swift (cute, but no Kelly Taylor), and Taylor Momson (who frankly, I shouldn't be looking at before bed, that ish is scary). I cannot for the life of me find a picture of what I am seeing in my head, but it was a look I've only duplicated with Bobbi Brown "Toast" eyeshadow. I'm thinking of doing it with 'Fire'. I would also love to use 'Fire' on a blue eyes gal... I think it would look awesome. Anywho, check back to see what I come up with! -C

What a pretty little mess you have there, sir!

Crue and I did an art/science project. I would love to say we did it today, and I promptly posted pictures of our glorious fun... but no. This was roughly 2 months ago, and I happened upon the pictures this evening whilst editing for my next blog post. Mom of the year. So, here is a picture-ful, albeit late look at all the explosive fun! I saw this idea on Pinterest, and was hoping it would go better than the quinoa pizza bites. It did. Do not try those. First, we got our supplies. A cookie sheet, some baking soda, and vinegar mixed with baking soda. We also grabbed a dropper from an old bottle of infant motrin... we go through that stuff during the teething weeks.
Pay no mind to the mess in the background. THe cleaning lady has been seriously slacking. I'm thinking of firing her. Yes, I'm taking in the third person. So, we sat down to play... we filled our dropper with the colorful vinegar, and BAM! a fizzy colorful mess! It was great. His little face... so cute!
After a while, it was a sea of black goo, but it kept my crazy guy busy for a good 15 minutes, and that meant quiet coffee time for me, so I was all over it. I give this Pinterest an A+. Nailed it! -C

Monday, July 16, 2012

what I have coming up!

SO, I have a few blogs in mind, and I can't wait to get them out of my fingertips! Speaking of fingertips, check out my new polish... I love it! Its Essie "Mojito Madness", from bloom.com. Part of the new Summer 2012 line, it's a creamy mint green. I love it so much. Thinking about doing an accent nail (I see they're all the rage, lol), but what color? Grey? Glitter? White?

Pick up the whole summer collection and don't forget to use code 30off100 for $30 off when you spend over $100! What an awesome deal for your summer beauty needs :) Alternatively, if you spend less there are additional codes. 10off50 and 15off75.

Thanks for looking, and be sure to check out my blog the next couple of days to see my bloom.com reviews for July!

Source: via Chantee on Pinterest


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the beauty basics

Ever wonder exactly what you should put on your face before you go to the grocery store? Some of you can get away with, well, nothing... but I hate you. Some of us need help. Tired eyes, dull skin, sparse lashes... check!

Well, my good friend over at Mrs. Mandypants put together this great post, all about what every mommy should have in her arsenal to look like she hasn't been pinning and drinking cheap red wine after her kids go to bed.

Who would do that, anyway? cough:::almostlikevacation::cough

Check out her blog, and be sure to snag all products you can find at Bloom, and earn up to 30% cash back!