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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What a pretty little mess you have there, sir!

Crue and I did an art/science project. I would love to say we did it today, and I promptly posted pictures of our glorious fun... but no. This was roughly 2 months ago, and I happened upon the pictures this evening whilst editing for my next blog post. Mom of the year. So, here is a picture-ful, albeit late look at all the explosive fun! I saw this idea on Pinterest, and was hoping it would go better than the quinoa pizza bites. It did. Do not try those. First, we got our supplies. A cookie sheet, some baking soda, and vinegar mixed with baking soda. We also grabbed a dropper from an old bottle of infant motrin... we go through that stuff during the teething weeks.
Pay no mind to the mess in the background. THe cleaning lady has been seriously slacking. I'm thinking of firing her. Yes, I'm taking in the third person. So, we sat down to play... we filled our dropper with the colorful vinegar, and BAM! a fizzy colorful mess! It was great. His little face... so cute!
After a while, it was a sea of black goo, but it kept my crazy guy busy for a good 15 minutes, and that meant quiet coffee time for me, so I was all over it. I give this Pinterest an A+. Nailed it! -C

1 comment:

  1. I did this with Dylan, he hated it. :/
    The pizza bites are disgusting. I'm going to try my own recipe, if it's any good I will share.