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Saturday, April 28, 2012

a cold. A bad, bad cold.

I hate being sick... so so so much. I hate feeling completely useless and unproductive. So, needless to say, no updates on the 'afters' today. Womp womp. I am still going to try to catch up on some stuff tomorrow, depending on how my night goes. I have also decided that I want to move to Finland. But thats a different post, for a different day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I think I'm going to start posting all of the great deals I find on the internet... there are some fantastic freebies out there, waiting to be had. So, I'll start with this. Why do I love it? THe thing costs over 200 bucks! Thats more than I am willing to pay, but something I would love to get free. So, here goes: Enter to win, and let me know if you do!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Labour of love

No lectures, please. I know I procrastinated longer than I promised. Yesterday got so crazy. I always have this grand notions of what I will accomplish on Joshs days off. usually 30% of it happens, lol. Yesterday I learned how to use the sewing machine. I also tried some new paint. Baby steps, guys. So, without further adieu, here are a few pictures of what we've been up to :)

We finished the chicken coop. We still have to paint the outside, but it's good enough for them to live in for now :) They have a TON of room, and even have faux hardwood floors. We're fancy. DSC02609 The big white one is Noodles :) DSC02610 DSC02611 DSC02612 DSC02614 I really wish I had taken a before shot of this glider. It was fug. Light oak in color, ugly blue country-esque fabric. Just totally not my style. I wanted to transform it into something fresh, light, and happy! So, I decided to paint it white, and recover the fabric. No big deal, right. Wrong. If I could go back in time, I would have just bought a new one. THis was such a pain, and it's definitely not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. It was my first real project, too. A learning experience, for sure. DSC02606 See how the seams are loose and uneven :/ I hate that. DSC02603 Here is my next project. I got these chairs at a thrift store for $2.50 each. They need a lot of work, but they are really big and chunky and I love them. The plan is to paint them white and make some awesome pads for them. After the glider, though, I may just buy the pads, lol. DSC02584 So... that's it for now! We did do a really fun science experiment today, and I might just post pictures in a bit. Crue is almost done with his grapes, so 'tis all for now. -C

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Procrastination. What a biotch.

So, I decided to watch 4 hours of Weeds and eat a half of a pint of Ben and Jerrys (Red Velvet. Totally worth the calories), instead of painting my pieces. I did get everything sanded and primed, but... you see where I'm going with this.

Tomorrow, I will be productive (isn't that the motto of my kind, the procrastinator?). I will paint, I will take pictures, and I will blog. In short, I will blow your mind.

Tomorrow, I promise.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That damn glider.

So, one before shot I didn't take was a rocker glider thingy that I have taken on. Mostly because I forgot to take a decent before picture (see previous DIY post, my camera skills are severly lacking). Welp, it was oak vainer (nothing sexier, am I right?), with this country-esque horrid blue fabric with little pink flowers. It would not qualify as country chic... not even ironically.

So, I started spray painting it white. This is when I came to the conclusion that spray paint is dumb. So, it sat in my backyard for a week. Half primered, half painted. That's when my neighbors came to the conclusion that we are white trash. But I digress.

I brought it in the house tonight to finish it up, once and for all. I got out my new foam roller I had read all about on Pinterest (Pinterest *does* know all, right?), and went at it with some acrylic latex enamel. Its starting to come together at this point... but still, looking like a 6th graph home ec project. I'm trying not to be discouraged, but man... 'tis not an easy task.

I will update with pictures tomorrow, and try to get an honest opinion from you, my 6 loyal followers :)


Monday, April 16, 2012

Some before pictures... a preview of what is to come

Here are some of the current projects I am tackling slowly!

First, an armoire. His grandma gave this to us, and it is currently housing his amp and pedals. I have a grand vision for this... perhaps a marigold?

Next, a vintage record console. I bought this at my favorite thrift store for $15. I couldn't pass this one up. I'm thinking of doing this white, but still taking suggestions. I would love to use this as a TV stand in the future!

Okay, this piece... well, it's my favorite. A craigslist find, and I love a great craigslist find. It's a vintage dresser, and it was $80. I could easily turn around and sell this for 3x as much. It has dovetail joints and is great quality. I want to do this piece white, with some distressed black knobs. I am excited to start this one, but I want to get a few others under my belt so I don't screw it up!

This is a vintage highchair that my in-laws purchased for us when Crue was a baby. Notice the seat? Yeah, it successfully made it for 30 years, and Crue destroyed it, lol. That's my boy. I don't want to paint this, just clean it up and get some cute fabric for the seat.
Last, but not least, I have this chest. It's old and coming apart, and is currently housing random electrical wires and gift bags.

So that's it! If you have any awesome suggestions for me, I am totally open to them. I will be sure to update as I finish each project, too. I gave up on spray paint, though I know a lot of people use it successfully, it just wasn't for me. I'll be using latex enamel with a foam roller for the record console, and take it from there!


More deals!

Okay, so here's the deal. The whole reason I really started a blog. No, it's not because I am a bored housewife (ahem). I got a new 'job'. It's not really a job, per se, but I will be getting paid in beauty products!

Bloom.com will be sending me products to review for you guys. I'm pretty stoked since I love to try new things, and I am a BIG review reader. I research the hell out of stuff before I spend any money. Hopefully I can be that resource for some or all of you!

Today, Bloom.com is offering 30% cash back on everything! Yes, everything. They have an awesome return policy, so if you find you hate something you bought, or it makes your skin look like an oil slick (always my problem), you send it back... like Sephora, right? Nope. At Bloom you can return it up to a YEAR later. Crazy awesome.

Take a look!


free stuff

I like a good deal... okay I LOVE a good deal. I get a thrill getting something for nothing, or very little. That's why I joined Crowdtap. You get on there, give your opinion about consumer products, and they give you free stuff. It is seriously that easy. If you're already on the computer most of the day, it's that much easier.

I've also got myself on another board of sorts, but more on that next month :) There will be something in it for one of my followers, and I'm really stoked!

So, join crowdtap through my link, and you'll get some extra points, and so will I :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

So, I'm still new to the blog world... so I figured I would ask my 5 followers :) I plan on doing makeup tutorials/reviews. In you opinion, is it easier to watch a short video, or to have a step by step with pictures? Why?

I haven't decided one way or the other yet. I know there are already a TON of people doing this, but maybe I can offer something different.

I'm a thrifter, baby

Okay, since moving out to the country (which I plan on going further into in a later post), I have taken up buying junk with the grand notion of making lovely things. SO far I have 37 unfinished projects going. I may be embellishing the number a bit, bit it feels close to 40, I swear. My plan is to take pictures of these projects as a before and after section... Maybe someone will pin them and I will be famous. Pinterest famous. A girl can dream.

So, as soon as it's not storming I plan on taking the before pictures, then updating when I'm done. Hopefully you guys like what I do, and can offer up some ideas as well!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Masons entry to the Gap casting call

This is the picture I chose... I do wish it showed his blue eyes more, but otherwise I thought it was adorable (biased? Slightly). I love his little mohawk!

It takes a village to fix my hair.

So it turns out I have a strong disability when it comes to hot rollers. I have tried, unsuccessfully for 20 years to make these stupid, torturous, finger blistering, son-of-a-bisquits work. To absolutely no avail. Its hopeless.

I almost posted a picture of myself in them, but then I decided against assaulting your eyeballs with such shanty work.

Can someone please tell me why the front one keeps FLOPPING IN MY FACE?

I haven't been so frustrated over a beauty product since the time I tried false eyelashes and ended up with a cluster of synthetic hair in my lungs.


C takes on... an introduction.

So, I've decided to start a blog. I'm pretty sure I've started one before, but can't remember the name of it, and may have only posted once. Well, this time, I vow to post daily. Even on my most boring days. Lucky you.

I'm still figuring out my angle here, but I think I will have a few sections... taking on furniture, beauty, kids, and food. Things I love, but have not mastered. Oh, and maybe chickens. I've recently bought some as pets. C takes on cocks? Nope, they're all hens.

I would love as much feedback as possible!