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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm a thrifter, baby

Okay, since moving out to the country (which I plan on going further into in a later post), I have taken up buying junk with the grand notion of making lovely things. SO far I have 37 unfinished projects going. I may be embellishing the number a bit, bit it feels close to 40, I swear. My plan is to take pictures of these projects as a before and after section... Maybe someone will pin them and I will be famous. Pinterest famous. A girl can dream.

So, as soon as it's not storming I plan on taking the before pictures, then updating when I'm done. Hopefully you guys like what I do, and can offer up some ideas as well!



  1. You sound like me on your project list. The only two I've finished so far are the bed rail, and making the baby gate safer with pool noodles!

  2. i cant wait! i will bug you and bug you until you post pictures ;)