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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: Koren EnKore Zander Morphe brush set

Hey guys, I have a review for you! I grabbed this brush set at IMATS LA at the pro event, and I was just so excited to have gotten my hands on it, and really stoked that it was all in a handy cross body, as opposed to a belt. Unfortunately, as a set, this was a bit of a let down for me, let me tell you why:

Okay, first the bad, then I'll redeem with a few great things. 

I was able to use these brushes in my kit just a week after purchasing. I washed them once before to reduce any possible shedding, and get rid of the VERY strong smell these had (plastic like odor). I washed them in a very gentle brush cleaner, layer flat to dry after I reshaped them. To my surprise, a few of the brushes were very worn and frayed after just one wash 
That is the same brush from different agles. It's now very scratch (don't have that problem with the black haired brushes) and just worn out looking. Here's another 
It's an eye blending brush, used once, and also very scratchy. 
Speaking of scratchy, this next brush is my favorite type of brush, it smudges eyeliner, which I usually use on or very close to my waterline... Not somewhere you would want scratchy hairs, right? Sadly, I prefer my ELF version, and cannot use this one on clients. It literally hurts! 

Lastly, I'm left wondering why my brushes aren't branded... Not that it's a big deal to me, but in his videos they are, and mine (bought directly from the Morphe booth) is not. 

Okay, now the good! The whole reason I chose this kit, was for this brush. I'm a big fan of contouring, and was coveting this awesome brush for months! 
It makes contouring cheeks a breeze, since it fits so perfectly into that space under your cheekbones. I used it all weekend, and just loved it. This. Brush. Rules. Get it, and get it now. It's dense, soft, and picks up product wonderfully. 

This angled liner brush (complete with gel liner, since I have yet to wash my brushes after marathon shoots all weekend) is now my favorite. I have a few different brands, but this one glides the cat eye wings in like a dream. LOVE.

The large powder brush is soft, picks up and distributes powder perfectly, and not a single hair fell out. Ideal, inexpensive brush. Not my favorite (Real Techniques holds that title), but a great brush to have in my kit.

So that's it... All in all I give the set a 6/10, since I do love a few and it was inexpensive at $55 for IMATS. If I had paid more I would probably be pretty unhappy. 

So what so you guys think? What are your favorite brushes? 


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