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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Imats la 2014

Hey guys! I know it's been a minute since I've posted, but last weekend was truly inspiring. I realized that not only do I love the art of makeup, but I truly and honestly love the culture of the industry. The people are colorful and creative of course, but beyond that they are a caring and right knit group. There are people that I've known through makeup groups on MYSPACE that I still talk to daily, and some who have really made a name for themselves. It makes me proud, even though I don't really 'know' them, I still saw them grow from makeup lovers to renowned artists (looking at you Queen of Blending and Spencer Lopez!)

With that said, here's a look at my haul, as well as some of the amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting! 

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Crown Brushes blogger event, where I got to watch Nix Hererra of Naked Vegaswork his magic. I've never thought I would be interested in body painting. In a lot of cases it ends up looking like (in the words of a photographer friend) 'hippie fest 2000', but with what I saw last weekend, this does not apply. This is art in every sense of the word. Check out his work: (obviously taken from his IG)

We also got a great little gift bag, loaded with Crown goodies! 

After the event I made my way to Pro Night, where I was able to shop a little more leisurely than I would over the weekend. I took full advantage and hit up SugarPill, Morphe Brushes, Ardelle, MAC Pro, and lots others. 
(Jeffree Star walked past me at the MAC booth)
My loot for the day...
The best packaging of the convention... And the sweetest staff. But more on that in a minute
The sugarpill pro palette is incredible!
And just for fun, my makeup of the day!

The next day I KNEW would be nuts, and it was. My sister and I decided to go around 10, thinking the line would be gone since the opened the doors at 8:30. We were wrong. The line wrapped the entire building! It was nuts, and if I can suggest anything it would be BE COMFORTABLE! I saw so many (adorable) chicks in miniskirts, heels, etc, looking MISERABLE. I understand wanting to look cute, but try and find a balance. You're going to be walking a LOT, and probably won't sit for 12 hours. 

I got to take pictures with some of my very favorite people in the business... Here we go! 
Alexys of Madeyewlook! I adore her fun and crazy personality, and she's a fellow type 1 :) she has some serious, major talent, too! She also hooked us up with a brush from her collection, can't wait to try that guy out. 

Porcelain and Shrinkle from SugarPill. These two are just the cutest, sweetest, most adorablest. And Porcelain called me pretty.

Kandee Johnson... Do I need to say anything else? This woman's energy is contagious. She just exudes positivity and puffy hearts

Beat Face Honey... This woman is awe inspiring. Her story, her talent, her smize ;)
I also grabbed this awesome Z Palette and filled it with these Inglot pans. If you haven't tried Inglot, please do. Their shadows are intensely pigmented and blend like butter. Oh, and check out my sweet Goldstitches leggings... Love them!

So that's it! That was IMATS 2014 for me! I grabbed a few more random things, but nothing to crazy (disposables, moisturizer for my kit, etc). What should I review first? Maybe my NYX haul?


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