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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome, Fall! (it's still really hot)

With another Texas summer under my belt, I find myself relishing in the beauty of cinnamon apples, boots and scarves, and pumpkin everything. I live for fall, and especially the makeup looks that come along with it. The deep plums, the sultry jades, and the smokey greys are just a few of my favorite things. A few trends I'm digging right now... everything is multi purpose! For us moms (or students, or worker bees, or... pretty much any woman I know) always on the go, this is amazing. THe potted cream shadows that double as a long lasting primer, the chubby lip pencil that wears as a glossy, saturated lip color, and the shimmery blush that acts as a highlighter. Whatever your need(s) are, they are sure to be met two fold this fall! Here are a few collections I'm looking forward to:
Two Faced 'Pretty Rebel'
I've always loved Too Faced, but I feel like they've really stepped up their game here lately. With their new Lip Injection Color Bomb lipsticks, you can plump up your pucker and add a balmy, glossy satin color all in a convenient chubby pencil.
Nars is all about the modern matte this year, which is right up my ally. I love the sophistication and edge of a matte nail, a suede lip, or a shimmer free, smokey eye. What I'm not a fan of is their campaign this fall... it's a little tired looking, and is sort of a turn off for me. Step it up, Nars!
MAC Has a few new collections for Fall, but the one I'm most excited about it their new Pro Longwear collection! If you're anything like me, you don't want to have to touch up your makeup any more than necessary, and I LOVE a great 5 minute face. This product helps me achieve a pulled together look without spending 30 minutes wrestling toddlers off of my legs in front of the mirror. Thanks MAC! Check out 'Perky' (cream coral with white pearl), and 'Tailor Grey' (muted grey). I don't think you can go wrong with these! 

So, that's it for me... what collections are you coveting this fall? Or are you already looking forward to Holiday collections like I am? Haha. Seriously, how pretty would the last look from MAC look for a holiday party?! Just gorgeous.

Please check in next week, I'll be posting my results from the TCA peel I did last week. I was aiming to get it up sooner, but the website states that it takes 10 days to fully recover, and I want to be sure to give it a fair shot. Stay tuned!

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