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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pacifica Blood Orange body butter

My first review! Bloom.com sent me a wonderful package of goodies, including a set of Pacifica lotions and perfumes. I decided to try a few *right* when I opened the box, because the smell was ah-ma-zing. The thing I used first? The Tuscan Blood Orange body butter. Here is a quick description from the website:

Tangy citrus for spicy ladies – that’s the essence of Pacifica Body Butter in Tuscan Blood Orange. With fragrance notes of orange, tangerine, raspberry, strawberry, and petigrain, this complex and sophisticated fragrance is great for layering with other fragrances – it adds life and energy whether you wear it alone or paired with another favorite scent. This nourishing and moisturizing body butter is free of parabens and glutens, and is 100% vegan

Sounds awesome, right? It is. OMG, it is. Even my husband, who really dislikes any perfume (traumatized from shopping with his Memaw as a child, lol), loved this. It is not overpowering in the least, however it lasts. Three hours after applying I got a compliment at the grocery store!

I also love the packaging. It is bright and clean-looking, and something I would proudly display in my guest bath.

Also included in the box was the coordinating Blood Orange Color Quench lip tint. I. LOVE. THIS. 

There is really no other way to say it. They sent another shade, as well, and as great as the formula is (hydrating, long lasting, creamy), the color doesn't make my socks fly off. Yup, that's what happens when I find a lip color I love. Socks everywhere.

The Blood Orange color is a pinky coral, which surprised me, because it looks like a dark red in the tube. It really is the perfect summer shade, and I can't think of any skin coloring that it wouldn't look great on!

My camera took a tumble, so I borrowed a picture from a lovely blogger, to show you the color. 

Isn't it the most gorgeous color you've ever seen? Are your socks on?

(image courtesy of Valentine Kisses)

Okay, so that's my big review. Is anyone interested in these products? Have I introduced you to something you wouldn't otherwise have thought to look at? Let me know!

Here is a discount link to get you started!

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