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Monday, June 18, 2012

eating clean... the alternative to physical exercise.

So, I couldn't keep up with the working out. I think it's too soon for me. I had planned on beginning a workout regime once Mason was about 6 months old... which is next month. I think I'll try again then. I just couldn't work with juggling my schedule around a shower that may or may not happen.

So, I decided to change my diet rather drastically. I'm going to eat clean. THis means no (or very little) processed foods. I'm also doing away with ALL sugar (fake and real) for 21 days. It's so bad for you, and I drink Diet soda like nothing, and that needs to stop. I don't let Crue have fake sugar, so why would I put it into my body?

Today was day one, and My sweet husband cheated and went to his memos for lunch. Traitor.

I feel okay, if not a bit sleepy from lack of caffeine. I realize this is a huge addiction I will have to overcome, but it's for the best.

Follow me if you will, through this never ending journey of better-ness making :)



  1. as much as id love to and id probably be good at it because i crave good food over sweet most always but working out is cheap and easier for me in my life. if i had everything readily available no problem, but alas i dont and growing food is out of the question due to HOA and hungry dogs lol. good luck though and i am jealous!

  2. Well, when you move here we can have a garden.