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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beauty Reviews

Hey all :)

Starting next week, I will be doing a massive amount of beauty reviews. This is due to Bloom.com giving me the opportunity to be a Beauty Ambassador program. I am not being paid for these reviews. I will be receiving free product, in exchange for an honest review.

If you don't know about Bloom.com, you should check them out. They even gave me this nifty button through their affiliate program (which I will be paid for, in form of commission if you buy through this link), which gives you 30% cash back.

The nice thing about Bloom? They give you at least 10% cash back on EVERY purchase, they have amazing customer service, and they let you return any product for a full year! Yup, no more random product sitting in your bathroom that you've tried a few times and hated. No more 30 days to return said product... no more wasting money :)

Give them a try, I think you'll be as impressed with them as I am. Also, I would love your opinions on what brands you would like to see there. What are we missing? Any Indie brands you know and love? Let me know, and I may be able to get them in!

Receive 30% back on your first purchase at Bloom.com! Use promo code: 30BACK

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