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Monday, January 27, 2014

Boudoir pictures

Last night I did makeup for a few (7) lovely ladies. They were doing boudoir portraits for their husbands, as a valentines day gift. These women are not models, they aren't 19, they are moms. They are military women, teachers, survivors and students. They are beautiful women with confidence (or working on it) and it was a pleasure to be a part of that. A few of them let me take before/after shots, and here they are! I don't cheat my before and afters... I like them to smile in both, same lighting, position, etc. 
This one I took a little late, hahaz I had put her concealer on and then of course we remembered... Face palm. I loved the way it turned out. She wanted a lightly smokey eye, a healthy glow, and we thought these plum lips looked great with her coloring. 
This one had 2 afters. She wanted a classic pinup look, then after she shot for about an hour she wanted to switch it up to a more dramatic look, so we added gold and black for a very burlesque feel. And look at the power of brows here! She was a hoot, and I really hope to work with her again!
We wanted a very soft, bronze 'Victoria secret' look here, so I used my stila 'in the know' palette, and added a bit of sugarpills Goldilux to the center lid. Finished off with Nars Orgasm gloss. Isn't she pretty?!
This young lady isn't a makeup wearer (I could force lashes on her!) but we wanted to make those pretty eyes pop! Oh, and after the picture was taken I covered that tiny spot I missed in our lighting... Whoops! I think we accomplished her mission of looking natural for her husbands surprise!

What do you think? Would you do sexy pictures for your significant other? Would you enjoy having a team of people doing your makeup, hair, and taking your picture?

Do it! He will love it!

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