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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

remember that procrastination thing?

SO, it's been a while... two weeks, I believe. Sorry I've been neglecting my lovely little blog :( I have been continuing my workouts, and will be doing #9 today. I will also do a nutrition post this evening, complete with a yummy dinner recipe under 300 calories... with pictures!

How is everyone doing? Are you losing weight? Gaining muscle? Stamina? Tell me about it!


1 comment:

  1. im only on day 4 but im over the super duper sore part thank god, but eating is my biggest issue right now. theres junk everywhere! weve had peanut nutter browns and vanilla ice cream in the freezer for a week. i want it sooo bad!!

    i took my measurements and pictures...i forgot to weight myself the day i started but i did this morning (not happy about what it said).

    also are you making food that the kid(s) eat? not like mine really eat anyways just wondering.