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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

if I had time to paint my nails...

I would do so many fun things... the colors, the textures, the shiny happy people. Instead, I have a pedicure almost as old as my youngest child. True story.

I like to create sets on polyvore of adorable outfits I may never wear. Whether because I am 32, and can't rock a leather mini anymore, or because I have kids and seldom get the chance to throw on a cocktail dress. Regardless of those minor details, I spend hours perusing pages and pages of Chloe bags I can't afford to go with the vintage Chanel dress I super can't afford. It's like my grown up version of playing Barbie.

That said, I like to look at nail polish... I even buy nail polish in hopes that one day my sweet angel babies will decide to take naps at the same time and water turns into wine. Because there is equal probability.

So, here are some awesome polishes I think will carry over from Fall to Winter beautifully

nail trends for Fall 2012

LancĂ´me makeup

Nail care

Nail polish

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics turquoise nail polish

Some really pretty stuff up there, right? Any favorites? I am in LOVE with pretty much all of them, especially the deep teal. Anything you think I'm missing? 


1 comment:

  1. OOOOOH! That Jacob one is aaaaaamazing! Now I need to go see if I already have a color like that. I have learned to check first. lol