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Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Monday?

Because I've decided to hold myself to some standards. Standards that include matching things I love with days of the week. That being said, you know I'm a total procrastinator, so this may become Tune Tuesday next week.

Since I'm no music critic, or eloquent writer of any sort for that matter, I'm just going to pick a band, link you up to their blog, or facebook, and tell you why I love them. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy. Just love <3

Since this is the first post, I find it only fitting that I give you my very most favoritist (see, not eloquent) band ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I give you Eisley. How do I put my love for them into words? They are not only an amazing quintet of wonderful, and talented musicians, they are a family of beautiful and seemingly sweet, kind people. The band (originally called 'Mos Eisley', after the planet in Star Wars) is made up of three sisters, Chauntelle, Sherri, and Stacy, along with their brother Westin, and cousin Garron. More about their journey and cuteness here, if you're interested. Did I mention they are having babies? They are. All of them... at the same time. Yes, All three sisters are pregnant with girls, and Westins wife is having a boy. I love it. Sometimes I fantasize that I am a Dupree... except less creepy than that.

So, a few of my favorite song to get you started.

An interview so y'all can see how endearing the girls are
Smarter is one of my favorites... the wordplay, the harmonizing (what makes them super awesome, IMO), the video... all reflective of them as a band.
This one is dear to me, because when my husband and I started dating in 2006, we listened to this EP ALL the time. It reminds me so much of that time in our lives. It's also funny to see Sherri with 'normal' hair, lol.
And my current favorite... stuck in my head pretty much all the time. Mr. Moon So, there are a ton of awesome songs, but these are the few I hold dear. Check them out, you may love them as much as I do!


Next week... Matt Good Band <3

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