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Monday, April 29, 2013

a new obsession, er... hobby?

It's music festival season! And amidst the fringe vests and cutoffs is a delightful accessory... the flower crown. I love the way these look so much, that I decided to look at grabbing one from one of the many talented designers on Etsy. Alas, though they are certainly worth every penny, they were far too expensive for my liking. Hand painted silk flowers are wonderful, but I have to be able to actually buy tickets to said festival... oh, and the kids gotta eat, too ;p

Once in a while I decide to get crafty, and more often than not I throw in the towel 5 minutes later (remember my furniture upcycling... 1 piece out of 7 painted isn't horrible, right?!). Well, that isn't the case here. Once I started making them for myself, for a photo shoot I have coming up, for a friend... well I just couldn't stop. I thought I may as well see if anyone want to buy some pretty head flowers for themselves, and sure enough, they do! So, that's where I'm at now. Taking custom orders, and loving it. Oh, and I decided to make mine about 1/2 the price as the ones I found on Etsy (again, their craftsmanship is superb, just not in my budget, and many attach the actual flowers the same way I do).

So, I did a little mini iPhone photo shoot to capture all of the glory of my first 4 pieces!

So many thanks to my gorgeous friend Meagan for modeling for me! love the juxtaposition of her edgy style with these delicate pieces.  And just for fun, a little close up of her makeup, done by me of course!

Are you wondering what I used on Meagan? Stay tuned for a breakdown tomorrow!

Thanks for looking, comment if you would like a custom flower crown!


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