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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Commitment means different things, to different people. I've been married for 6 years, that's a commitment... but it isn't the one we are talking about today. Today, we talk purple hair (again). I went to Walmart today, and I was stared at, snickered at (small town) and scowled at. Was I dressed offensively? No. I simply have purple hair. Hair that makes 4 year old girls smile, and wave, and I love that. To the people who think that it's okay to make fun of me with your 12 year old son... shame on you. I am committed to my purple hair. My 'my little pony' esque locks bring joy to me, and my kids (Crue cried when he thought I was going back to blonde), and my husband thinks it's hot, so there.

Anywho, I've made such a commitment, that I asked my favorite graphic designer to whip me up a logo based around my tresses. Lekit came up with a design even more stunning than I had imagined!

Isn't it glorious?! I can't wait to don my business cards, comp cards, and website with this lovely, violet hued cameo.

What do you think?


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