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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On a seriously sexy note...

When I heard about Cherie Ami, and Be Sexy Buy Fair, I'll admit, I thought... wth? What in the world does selling lingerie have to do with fighting poverty? Well, for Tara, the connection was simple. Sell something that women already love to buy, and in the process, help women across the world make a better life for themselves.

I don't know Tara... I've met her a few times, and we're friends on Facebook, but I wouldn't call her a friend. However, her story inspires me. Her mission, her passion, her devotion to people, not just women she saw everyday, but ones she had never met. She wanted to help make this world a better place, and was in the process of doing her part. Please read more about her story and her endeavors at the link above.

"This entire year of fundraising was to get her to Cameroon and have the pieces made...She got back last night with all the goods so we could launch the website on black friday and it caught fire just a few hours later. So terribly heartbreaking"

Quote from one of her models, Amanda. Her models, her makeup artists, her whole team... all worked so hard to make this dream come to fruition, and like that... it's gone. Thank goodness Tara was not injured in the fire, but her pieces were ruined.

If you think you can help, please help here. It's a small thing to give $10 for most of us, but this could mean the difference in so many lives.


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